Gold Rush Adventure Racing

Gold Rush is dedicated to promoting and encouraging Adventure Racing in Northern California and beyond

Put your team together for the 30hr expedition on November 11/12th. NEW: 8hr version if you don't want all that nightime stuff!

Return of the 'Cold Rush'.

30 hour and 8 hour events.

Our flagship end of year event will this year be November 11/12th. An expedition event with the chance of cooler weather and bringing back the classic days of the early Gold Rush events where you had to be ready for anything.

The 2017 Gold Rush 30 hour event will showcase remote parts of Northern California. We welcome teams from all over North America. NEW: this year we will have an 8 hour version on the Saturday. Do this race if you want the feel of an expedition but don't look forward to the night or possibly cold weather.

Early registration ends on October 1st and the price goes up. Get your team registered.

2017 30 Hour and 8 Hour Details

Eventbrite - Gold Rush 30 Hour Adventure Challenge.

logo icon 2017 Schedule

Day 'O' » - February 18th.    Exchequer Park at Lake McClure.

Night 'O' » - April 8th.    Exchequer Park at Lake McClure.

Summer Challenge» - June 17th. New Melones lake, Sierra Foothills.

30 & 8 Hour» - November 11/12th.            Northern Sierra Foothills.

See the events pages for full details.

As details of the events are confirmed, the web site will be updated with those new details.


Summer Challenge 2017


Team 'Hombres de Maiz' with Michi and Netzer Quan won the 12 hour Summer Challenge and an entry in the USARA National Championships in Pennsylvania later in the season. Team 'Last Chance' with Ryan Swehla, Jeff Phillips, Bryan Walton and Erik Walton took top honors in the 4 hour race. The event was warm but slipped in just before the historic heatwave hit. Lake Melones was available at many points to take a dip and keep cool as the racers traversed Tuttletown, Gloryhole and Peoria rec areas around the lake.

Saturday June 17th. Tuttletown Recreation Area at New Melones Lake. Two events, 4 and 12 hour, adventure races with hiking, biking and paddling.

2017 Summer Challenge Results

AR History Project...


Adventure Racing History Project

The AR History project will collect information about past AR events. Starting in the late 1970's , Adventure Racing had only a few major events until the sport began to blossom in 2000. We still have the chance to collect the complete history of Adventure Racing. In just a few days, we will provide the link to the AR History Project Site where we can all begin to fill out the history of Adventure racing.

Thanks for your support.

Night Orienteering at Lake McClure.
Great fun on Saturday evening April 8th. Details

'And Loving It' scored first place in the Night 'O'. The actual event had clear skies and a full moon even though it had been cold and wet earlier in the day which may have kept a few people away.

Night O Picture

Gold Rush Mother Lode is excited to be the North American Adventure Racing Series Championship event.


Join the NAARS Adventure Racing Discussion Community. Talk AR,gear,races and more. 

North American Adventure Racing Series

Gold Rush Mother Lode is excited to support the Adventure Racing World Series .The AR World Series is an international circuit of the world's best adventure races and culminates annually in the Adventure Racing World Championship.

Adventure Racing World Series

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