Gold Rush Summer Challenge 2013 Results  

It was a close race once the penalties for missed chackpoints were calculated. 'Old Solo Guy' Dave Edwards beat out the two person team of 'Searching for Katan'. Several teams ended up close behind with just a few minutes seperating the places. The event was based at the scenic New Melones Lake using both the Glory Hole and Tuttletown rec areas.

The event started with a short run down to the paddle on Lake Melones. The low water level, a hundred feet below normal, made for tough navigating at times as teams had to ignore the marked lake shore and use the contours to  re-visualise it a hundred feet below. After paddling to the Glory Hole side of the lake, teams took in 6 checkpoints on foot before returning to the boats. The hot weather and lack of water caused concerns for some teams and everyone was happy to dunk in the lake whenever they could.

After the foot section around the North side of the lake, teams paddled back to the Tuttletown side of the lake. The final straw for the teams before they reached the refreshing amenities of the main transition at ACP3 was the steep 200ft carry of boats from the landing site back to the ACP. Two teams, 'Dave Crider' and 'Lost in Pace'  came out of the hot foot section and accepted a tow back across the lake dropping out at ACP3.

For the next leg, teams tackled a set of 6 checkpoints on mountain bikes around the trails of Tuttletown. The entirely single track route provided fast and smooth riding with plenty of curves to entertain the teams. Flat tires were incurred by many as the trails had their share of goatheads. The young team 'Red White and Blue' had mechanical problems with both Nate Betcher and Chris Crane ending up rolling or carrying their bikes to the finish.  

Thanks to the volunteers who manned the event, especially Andrea Cavalli who braved the heat at transition 1 and 2 and Wendy and Jim Pauli in the safety boat, 

The Gold Rush team  

Overall Results 

Team First Name Last Name Sex Age Finish Missed Missed CP Other Total Pos
Time CPs Time(Min) Penalty
Team Solo Old Guy David Edwards Male 43 7:37:30 0 0 7:37:30  1st Overall, 1st Solo
Searching for Catan Jeffrey Linder Male 35 7:37:15 11 20 0 7:57:15  1st Team
Erin Hanley Female 27
Wild Wood Nymphs Jeff Vasek Male 48 7:32:25 1 50 0 8:22:25  2nd Team
Matt Hanko Male 49
Inappropriate Team Name Roberto Battiston Male 33 7:38:30 1 50 0 8:28:30  3rd= Team
Aaron Verstraete Male 32
David Shelton Male 34
Steam Donkey/Brown Chicken Paul Campbell Male 37 7:38:30 1 50 0 8:28:30  3rd= Team
Dan Fox Male 27 7:38:30 1 50 0 8:28:30
Firestarters Ervin Ruhe Male 35 8:00:29 6 30 0 8:30:29  4th
Carey Gregg Male 62
Ray Kablanow Male 62
Karin Weller Female 51
Bullmoose Xtreme Mark Henderson Male 58 7:58:40 11,12 40 0 8:38:40  5th
Lynn Henderson Female 54
Team Peromyscus Peggy Wright Female 51 6:54:00 4,5,6,11,12 130 0 9:04:00  6th
Liz Clark Female 47
Altitude Junkies John Silva Male 54 7:27:58 1,3,6,11 130 0 9:37:58  7th
Rolly Delfin Male 31
Richard Delfin Male 27
BriteLine Michael Johnson Male 40 8:03:01 1,6,11 100 0 9:43:01  8th
Artem Borovinskihi Male 38
Team Katapult Yes Duffy Male 34 7:36:00 1,4,5,6 140 0 9:56:00  9th
Sterling Tougas Male 33
Flight Risk Willis Kao Male 36 7:56:41 4,5,7,8,11,12 160 0 10:36:41  10th
Bing Kao Male 39
Team O Tim O'Keefe Male 52 7:23:49 1,4,5,6,13,15,16 200 0 10:43:49  11th
Shannon O'Keefe Female 20
Jennifer Wiseman Female 28
Adventure Nation Gerardo Lopez Male 34 8:38:29 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,11 230 0 12:28:29  12th
Richard Sopinanukul Male 36
Red Wihite and Blue Chris Crane Male 26 7:23:53 6,14,15,16 90 0 8:53:53 Incomplete
Nate Betcher Male 24
Dave Krider Dan Millward Male 43 6:22:07 1,6,11,12,13,14,15,16 200 0 9:42:07 Drop ACP3
Benjamin Bogner Male 38
Lost in Pace Tom Proulx Male 51 6:43:00 7,8,11,12,13,14,15,16, 180 0 9:43:00 Drop ACP3