Gold Rush Orienteering

Saturday February 20th, 2021 thru Saturday February 27th Barrett Cove, Lake McClure.

Learn the basics so you can compete in Adventure races.

The Day 'O', day orienteering, event is an introductory level event that is fun and a good training event for more experienced competitors too.


Day O 2021 Results.

Barrett Cove, February 20th - 27th.




Missed CP’s

Dennis Wilkinson




Mila and Jeremy Olson




Jerry McDaniel, Jess McDaniel, Ray Jackson




John Silva

Altitude Junkies



Katherine and Joel Olson




Adam Souza , Johan Grobler




Lee Pinkston

Gotta Go Thru It



Vincent La Rocca, Jacob Sanchez. Team

Nation of Elon



Stacy Hayden




Jacquelynn Lockhart




Ryan, Teresa, Kate Vander Veen.

Night Hikers



Jamaica Lambie




Noah Maier, Justin Maier, Josh Edrington




Derek Castle, Deborah Steinberg, Carey Gregg, Ross Redding




Deanna Hall, Lisse Daugaard-Gordon, Andrea Silva

Altitude Junkies




Orienteering event and navigation training.
Raffle prizes and schwag will be mailed to competitors posting the best performances and additional random categories.
On Saturday 20th, the Gold Rush crew will be available at camp M66 to give pointers between 9am and 4pm. Covid precautions of mask and distancing will be enforced.
Expected times of from one and a half to four hours for the course.

Direction to Barretts Cove: It is about 45 miles East of Modesto. Follow Highway 132 from Modesto through Waterford and La Grange and about 10 miles after La Grange you will come to the Don Pedro gas station and store. Go 1/4 mile more on the main road and then turn right on 'Merced Falls Road'. Follow 'Merced Falls Road' about 2 and a 1/2 miles to an intersection and turn left onto 'Barrett Cove Road' which leads 1 mile to Barretts Cove entrance station. Once inside find campsite M66 for the event location.

Please bring:
Required gear:
Map printed from the email. (On Saturday the 20th, printed maps will be available at campsite M66)
Water/Hydration for four hours (recommended at least 2 liters)
Snacks/Electrolytes to sustain you for the duration
Sunblock and sun protection (hat, sunglasses, bandana, etc.)
Hiking gear (shoes can be trail runners, running shoes or hiking shoes, whatever you are most comfortable keeping a good pace on the trails. Long pants and /or gaiters suggested. Gloves optional)
Small backpack (you'll need to be hands free to hold your map and compass)
Compass (recommended: )
Pen or pencil
Face mask
Personal first aid items + cell phone

Gaiters or long pants
Bug repellant
Magnifying glass or reading glasses (if you need them for smaller print)
Map case

Please note, for any close interactions, i.e., registration, looking over someone's shoulder to read a map, please plan to wear a mask. Please respect all social distancing etiquette for your fellow participants.
Please respect all regional and park rules.

Day O 2020 results.

Peoria Hills February 29th

Final Position Team Name(s) Start Time Finish Time Total Time Checkpoints/ Penalties
1 Rex Winterbottom 10:31 12:15:03 1:44:03 All
2 Mark Petersen 10:33 12:17:58 1:44:58 All
3 Ryan/Kate VanderVeen 9:56 1:53:30 3:57:30 10
4 Janet Petersen 10:35 1:39:00 3:04:00 9
5 Ray Kablanow 10:00 1:25:10 3:25:10 9
6 Laura Hernandez/Kristeen Hymes 10:04 1:46:30 3:42:30 8
7 Deborah Steinberg 10:43 2:12:30 3:29:30 7
8 Marty Villa/ James Goss 9:58 1:04:30 3:06:30 5


Bring a compass if you have one. We will have some compasses for loan. We will be giving an introduction to map and compass navigation throughout the day.

You can run the event as an individual or in a team of any number. You will need hiking/running gear and a compass. Maps will be handed out at the start. We will be able to give instruction to anyone who wants it. If you ever want to be able to use map and compass, this is a great way to learn. If you already know how, then come and compete and have fun. You can walk, hike or run depending on your enthusiasm and skill.

Day Orienteering

The event uses trails and checkpoints set up in the area. The winning time is expected to be about 1 and a 1/2 hours for a fast team and 3 to four hours are allowed. Teams may choose to get as many checkpoints as they desire so the event is suitable for all levels.

Day Orienteering Derek

We also have orienteering clinics at various times depending on demand. Please email if you are interested in a clinic, they are usually held at East La Loma park in Modesto.

"O" Schedule:

Saturday February 20th 2021. 9am to 2pm.
9:00am to 2:00pm Check-In, $20 covers cost of maps and refreshments
9:00 am to 2pm. Orienteering Clinics
9:00am onwards Start
Let us know you are coming by emailing to

Pay and sign waiver at the event.