Gold Rush Adventure Challenge.

30 hour and 8 hour races.

Saturday/Sunday November 11th/12th 2017

Return of the 'Cold Rush'. Our flagship end of year event will this year be a 30 hour event on November 11/12th with check in on the 10th. An expedition event with the chance of cooler weather and bringing back the classic days of the early Gold Rush events where you had to be ready for anything. Also an 8 hour event to give you the taste of Expedition Adventure racing without the night and the possibly cold weather. Race during the day on Saturday November 11th with check in on the 10th.

Prize purse: $500, $200, $100 for the top 3 placings in the 30 hour race. $300 for the first place 8 hour team.

The 2017 Gold Rush 30 hour and 8 hour event will showcase remote parts of Northern California. We welcome 3 and 4 person teams from all over North America.

Eventbrite - Gold Rush 30 Hour Adventure Challenge.


Both events will have check in on Friday evening at a location near the start. We will have a pre-race meal and route briefing with maps handed out. The event will start on Saturday morning. Disciplines are hiking, mountain biking, paddling and ropes. Teams must provide a crew who will drive them to the start, visit the assisted transituon points and bring the vehicle to the finish. Teams must provide their own boat(s).
8 hour racers will finish after approximetly 8 to 10 hours. 8 hour racers will have the opportunity to do hiking, mountain biking, paddling and ropes. There will be an option to bypass the ropes course if individuals do not feel comfortable tackling rappels. In the 30 hour event this will incur a substantial penalty. In the 8 hour event this will incur a minor penalty. We want to make the 8 hour event as racer friendly as possible to allow inexperienced teams to still race and enjoy the expedition feel.
Entry $310 per person. ($270 early registration) for the 30 hour and $240 (early reg $210) for the 8 hour.
We offer a 25% youth discount to ages of 25 and under. eMail for details on how to receive this discount.
We offer a $50 travellers discount to racers coming from outside of CA, OR and NV. eMail for details on how to receive this discount.

Equipment list, rules and FAQ's will be published soon. Exanples of these from last year are:
Equipment List Rules For Events FAQ's


The Gold Rush Mother Lode name is used on our multi day events which have been run as 3, 4 or 5 day unsupported (no crew) expedition Races. Our 24 and 30 hour races are named Gold Rush Expedition Adventure Challenges. The events take place in the Sierra Mountains of central California. The event route and finish is not disclosed until immediately before the event. The events include hiking/running/orienteering, mountain biking, paddling and rope work. Gold Rush Adventure racing has been hosting events since 2000.  

As competitors we know the training and preparation that go into an event. We want to be sure that you have the safest yet most challenging events. We thank you for preparing for the Gold Rush Expedition Adventure or Gold Rush Mother Lode events.

Our events have been part of the Adventure Racing World Series, USARA and NAARS.

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