Gold Rush Summer Challenge 4 and 12 Hour. 2018

Information Packet

Location of event: New Melones lake, near Sonora CA.
Date of event:   
Saturday June 16th
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Welcome to the Gold Rush Summer Challenge Adventure race.


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We will be camping on Friday prior to the event. On Friday evening we will have a navigation skills seminar as a tune-up for the races on Saturday. These will run from 5 pm until 7pm on Friday. They will be led by experienced adventure racers who can share years of race experience and stories. On Saturday evening after the events we will have a good evening to share stories if you care to join us. Saturday evening camping will also be available.

On Saturday, teams will check in and stage their equipment (bikes, boats) as directed near the start area. Teams must be checked in, have equipment staged and be ready to attend the pre-race briefing at 7:30am. Route instructions and maps will be distributed during the pre-race briefing. Teams will have a few minutes to review the route and maps prior to the start. Teams may remain near the start area to plot routes or adjust equipment once the start has occurred. Part of adventure racing is to quickly prepare for any discipline and quickly plan routes and strategies, or at least the beginnings of them. Continuing to plot and strategize as you move is another adventure race skill.


The event will be based at the Tuttletown Recreation Area on Lake Melones. Follow Highway 49 North from Sonora about 8 miles and watch for the left turn to Tuttletown. The event will be at the Eagle Point day use area. Camping and activities on Friday evening will be at the Fiddleneck group campground. Camping on Saturday will also be at the Fiddleneck group campground. Please let us know if you will be camping at the group area on Friday and/or Saturday night. You may also reserve private campsites through.. Camping

If you make a private reservation, make sure you reserve in the Tuttletown Rec area and not the Glory Hole area which will be much less convenient.

New Melones is under Bureau of Reclamation management. Entry is $8 dollars per vehicle unless camping. National Park passes are accepted.


Friday  15th June.

                        5pm-7pm Orienteering and navigation seminar.

                        7pm to 10pm     Welcome and camping.

                        Early bird race CHECK-IN so you miss the Saturday morning rush.

                        Attendance is not required.


Saturday  16th June

7:00 am           Check in.

                        Teams *MUST* check in by 7:30am.      

7:30am             Pre-race briefing 4 and 12 hour race.. Route instructions and maps distributed.

8:00am             Race start for the 4 and 12 hour race.

12:00-10:00pm  Teams Finish, post race food and celebration. 

2:00 pm            Race Cutoff for 4 hr race and awards for 4 hour race

10:00pm           Race Cutoff for 12 hour race and awards for 12 hour race..

Note: For those of you from far away, the event takes place approximately 100 miles East of San Francisco. Nearest major airports are Sacramento, Oakland or San Francisco. Driving time from those airports and the San FranciscoBay area is approximately 2 hours and from Los Angeles, 5 hours.


Hiking/Orienteering:        Rugged hiking and orienteering.

Mountain bike:               Dirt roads and singletrack

Paddling:                    Lake paddling. Boats, pfd and paddles are required for both events.   (see equipment). Bring your own boat or contact us if you need help in getting hold of a boat. We have access to a small number for rental for the 4 or 12 hour.


Mandatory Equipment:



Space Blanket

Bicycle helmet

Mountain Bike

PFD (Lifejacket)

Team members must be able to swim.


Map (provided by organizers)


Boat        For the 4 and 12 hour race, kayak, canoe, or inflatable is acceptable. Kayak or canoe is recommended for fast times.



Crews are not required or permitted.


During the Summer Challenge we will be traversing beautiful California foothills and lakes. We will also be crossing paths with local residents, campers, fishermen, boaters, other recreational users, agency officials and race volunteers. Please treat them courteously. They may or may not realize that you are in a race. They may or may not believe that race to be important. If they are in a vehicle they may or may not give way. They can influence your safety in this event and they can influence our race in future years. Please treat them courteously.


Abbreviations:  ACP = Assistance check point,   CP = Checkpoint

1.       The winning team is the team that crosses the finish line with the lowest elapsed time, after application of any bonuses or penalties.

2.       Teams will be required to visit checkpoints (CP’s) at the location defined by the instructions. A team has visited a CP only when all team members reach the CP and when the passport card has been correctly marked. Penalty up to and including disqualification.

3.       Time penalties may be applied for rule violations or unsportsmanlike behavior.

4.       Time bonuses may be applied for sporting behavior or safety assistance by teams.

5.       Teams must travel together and not allow more than 100 yards between most distant members.  Penalty up to and including disqualification.

6.       No assistance is allowed outside of the ACP’s. With the exception that casual assistance from complete strangers unrelated in any way to the race is acceptable.  Penalty up to and including disqualification.

7.       The following equipment is not allowed unless provided by the organizers and used as directed by the organizers:
Maps other than provided by the organizers
Means of transport other than instructed by the organizers
Electronic communication equipment, GPS or equivalent.
Penalty up to and including disqualification

8.       Non-mandatory equipment and supplies (including food wrappers) may only be picked up or left behind at ACP’s.  Certain items of equipment (bikes, boats) must be moved from ACP to ACP in accordance with the race instructions.  Penalty up to and including disqualification.

9.       PFD (life jacket) must be worn at all times on the water. Bike helmets must be worn during bike sections. Rules of the road must be adhered to; specifically teams must stop at STOP signs or when joining a major road, give way when required and ride on the correct side of the road.  Penalty up to and including disqualification.

10.   Modifications to these rules will be provided in writing.


 Organizing Team

A Modesto-based group of adventure racers with interests in endurance events, adventure races, orienteering, and mountaineering. Team members have been involved in event organization for 20 years including adventure races, orienteering, marathons, mountaineering and running events.  Team members have raced in the Eco Challenge, Raid Gaulloise, Primal Quest, Western States 100, and Alaska Wilderness Classic.


We look forward to seeing you at the event. Please call if you have questions. (209) 484-0972 or email

 Gold Rush Adventure Racing